WMS Student Competes at Skating


Tala Serhan, Staff Writer

WMS student Cora Stearnes is a 13-year-old ice skater. She skates for the Baxter and Motto Mclean ice rink. At the age of 8, Stearnes began her ice skating journey when she was given a flyer at school for a learn to skate program. She decided that she was going to try it out. Stearnes said she wasn’t even hesitant to try ice skating out. She started skating with her friend and ended up enjoying skating so she chose to continue. 

 Ever since she was eight years old, Stearnes has had a strong passion for ice skating.

“My favorite part of skating has to be being part of a team that I have a lot of fun with, skate related, and not,” she said.

 She said she thinks the hardest part of skating is choosing the song to skate to for the rest of the season. Stearnes earns medals for the competitions that she participates in. As she progressed in skating and gained more and more talent, she inspired her siblings to start skating. Her younger sister, Sunny, who is 7, has been learning how to skate. Also, her twin brothers,  who are 5, have started learning how to ice skate, too. 

Stearnes is using her stunning talents to inspire people around her. She has traveled to Texas, Colorado, Missouri and  Kansas for her gift and interest of ice skating. Even though she skates three days a week before school, she still has time to be with friends and have fun.