“Get What You Put In.”


Presley Gofta, Staff Writer

Get What You Put In.

A free verse poem by Presley Gofta 


You’ve found your soil,

You saw your sun, 

But you’re just the water.  


Later on… 

The silence will kill you. 

You’ve learned to live and lose. 

But you knew it could get cloudy… 

And you just didn’t see it.   

But you’ll continue to water,

And water. 

Until you step in a huge puddle. 

Brown leaves scattered around the dead tree, 

There’s just…memories now. 


You now realize you can overwater 

Now noticed you cannot help that tree.

It had the chance to grow to be the strongest thing you can imagine. 

But you couldn’t hear soil’s silent screams… 

Such a far distance created a flood. 

But hope has lived within you.  

Some live and are the strongest of them all. 

But whether you like it or not, 

They wither, 

They break.

But as long as it must take you… 

It’s worth it. 

As long as you must walk to the water 

As far as they must travel to the sun.


Don’t put in something… 

And expect to get what you want out of it,

Because you’re just going to get what you put in.