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Presley Gofta, Staff Writer

Friendship is like a tree.

You find your soil,

You find your sun,

And you begin to water.

Time fly’s by,

Quicker than a blink,

Your tree is already huge,

Before you could think.

Then it got cloudy.

A little too gloomy.

But you continue to water,

And water,

And water.

Until you see a huge puddle.


When you don’t see your sunshine on the darkest day

The light in your hallway,

But why didn’t they pay,

Any attention to the tree?

Your tree.

Brown leaves gather around the dead tree,

They all are just…memories now.


Just like a friendship or relationship,

You can overwater,

Or dry out your tree

Before it has the chance to grow to be the strongest thing you imagine.

Before you can dream of a perfect tree,

It can be the scariest thing you see

Right in front of you,

This whole entire time.