“I wish I could fly”


I wish I could fly

I wish I could sore across the baby blue sky,

And never come down. 

I wonder if the people down there ever lookup… 

And wish they could fly… Too. 


But some are scared… 

Scared of heights 

Scared of saying their feelings.  

Especially when there is nothing new.  


But when I see people, 

Something inside me tells me I want to hide. 

I wonder if the kid across the world… thinks that too….


But they have frights…

Stage fright. 

Scared of eye contact. 

But kids say they’ll do fine… 

But their mind doesn’t want to think that. 


But when I talk,

Something inside me thinks I might say something wrong. 

I wonder if the teacher thinks that… too. 


We have Statements. 

But doesn’t mean We’re not scared to say them. 

What if they don’t like their opinion. 

But they agree most of the time. 

I wonder if presidents think that…. too. 


I have feelings…

Like everyone else…

But most of my feelings are deep. 

I wonder what you feel… too.