“Parasite” described as brilliant, amazing . . . but not for everyone

Parasite described as brilliant, amazing . . . but not for everyone

Emma Tyler, Staff Writer

When watching the marketing and advertisements to Bong Joon-ho’s“Parasite” I was prepping to watch a compelling drama movie that included commentary on Korean wealth status. I was completely stunned to watch a twisted and corrupt plotline unfold before me in the second half of the film. “Parasite” managed to make me laugh, cry and cringe all in the most delightful ways.

“Parasite” is centered around two polar opposite Korean families, one being abnormally rich and the other extremely poor. As these two families begin a relationship based on lies and forgery, they both get swept up into a cruel incident that there is no getting out of.

Something that made this film so eerie to watch was the actors’ performances. The writing, although brilliant, didn’t bring the same amount of energy and terror as the acting did. The cast of this movie did an outstanding job bringing the screenplay to life in the most twisted ways possible. An example of this is the character Geun-sae played by Park Myung-hoon. Myung-hoon plays a warped unstable antagonist who brings terror to the rest of the characters.  Myung-hoon’s performance was so convincing to a point where I had to look him up after the movie to make sure he was a real functioning human. He and the rest of the cast brought this “Parasite” to life.

The storyline in this movie completely amazed me. Throughout the entire film, I was extremely engaged. The plot and pace of the film were all over the place but that’s part of the reason I enjoyed it so much. The abnormal pacing adds to the movie’s chaos. This film has such a unique storyline that makes it truly unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.

The only thing I have to say about “Parasite” is that it isn’t for everyone.  If you are easily disturbed by gore and unstable characters, the second half of this is not for you. Something that I found interesting about the movie is that even though it is labeled as a mystery/drama I felt like it was more of a psychological thriller. Although I enjoyed it, I also can see people finding it difficult to watch.

Do not let the subtitles get in the way of you watching this film. In Bong Joon Ho’s Golden Globe acceptance speech for best foreign film, he reminds everyone that “Once you overcome the one-inch tall barrier of subtitles, you will be introduced to so many more amazing films.” This quote is definitely accurate with “Parasite.” Although sickening at times, “Parasite” maintains an elaborate plot with twists and turns sure to make you all kinds of emotion. With beautiful cinematography and talented actors and writers, 2019’s “Parasite” is sure to be a classic.