Eight Horror Movies to Watch Before Halloween


Amaya Labs, Staff Writer


“Us” is a 2019 horror film following Adelaide Wilson (Lupita Nyong’o) along with her husband and two kids (Winston Duke, Elizabeth Moss and Tim Heidecker.) They return to where she grew up for a beach vacation with another family. Adelaide is super paranoid that something bad is going to happen to the family because of events that occurred in her childhood. Her nightmares soon become a reality and four masked people, who look similar to the Wilson family, show up at the house. The Wilsons soon begin to fight for survival, doing anything they can to keep each other alive. “Us” is a great movie for those who love gory films, I’d highly recommend it! 

A Quiet Place

“A Quiet Place” is a post-apocalyptic thriller where a father (John Krasinski) and a mother (Emily Blunt) are working to raise a family in a world with mutated monsters. The beings are blind creatures but have crazy good hearing. Evelyn and Lee understand that even the faintest noise could lead the creatures to them, so they do whatever it takes to keep quiet. A “Quiet Place” is a fantastic film for people who love thrillers, but, even if you don’t, you should still watch it. It is a great movie to watch with your friends when you just need a little scare! 


“Hereditary” is a 2018 supernatural horror film that follows a family (Tomi Collette, Alex Wolff, Milly Shapiro and Gabriel Byrne) haunted by a mysterious presence that appears after the grandmother’s passing. The film does have some more graphic scenes along with brief nudity, but, overall, it is a very good film. The scenes are so intense, you’ll never know what’s going to happen next. “Hereditary” is a great film to watch whenever you’re bored and just want to be interesting in something. 


“It” is a 2017 supernatural film based on Steven Kings’ novel with the same name. The movie follows seven kids in Derry, Maine, and their encounters with a shapeshifting monster that comes around every 27 years. The kids work together over the summer to battle their demons, before taking on Pennywise. “It” is a suspenseful film that will keep you on the edge the entire time. The cast consists of Finn Wolfhard, Sophia Lillis, Jaeden Martell and more. This movie is great, but, if you get scared easily, I wouldn’t recommend watching it. 


“Midsommar” is a 2019 horror movie about a couple that vacation to Sweden to visit their friends. Their fun vacation soon turns into a nightmare, as they find themselves mixed into a pagan cult. According to the director, “Midsommar” is associated with his earlier movie “Hereditary,” but it is not a sequel. “Midsommar” is a very good film, filled with twists and turns, leaving you shocked. The movie isn’t about true horrors like ghosts or supernatural monsters, it’s more about the things people can find truly horrifying, such as literal cults. The film is not for the lighthearted, considering it includes brief nudity, death, drugs and more. But, if you can look past the worsts, you’ll see just how good of a movie this is.  

The Conjuring Series 

The first “Conjuring” movie takes place in 1970 when two paranormal investigators go to the Perron’s home. After the family moved in, they soon began to notice the supernatural showing itself to them. The events start slow, but quickly pick up pace. The second “Conjuring” movie happens seven years later when Ed and Lorraine Warren travel to England and meet Peggy, a mother of four living in a home with a supernatural being. Ed and Lorraine soon realize that the youngest daughter is showing signs of demonic possession. The Warrens try to help the girl but soon become the evils new focus. The two are great, the stories are told well, the acting is fantastic, and the graphics are even better. There are some graphic scenes, but overall both movies are amazing. There is a third “Conjuring” scheduled to be released in 2021. 


“Hush” is a 2016 thriller focused around a deaf and mute woman who lives in the forest. One night, she notices a masked man around her property. The events speed up, and she must fight for her life in silence. There isn’t much talking in the movie, but the thrill of watching Maddie and her already challenging life escalate will keep you locked in the entire time. The film is a rollercoaster of events, rarely having a slow moment. I would recommend “Hush” for everyone who enjoys horror films.