A Comedic Review of UNDERTALE

A Comedic Review of UNDERTALE

Bakari Okuom, Staff Writer

If I presented to someone a game about dating skeletons, they would think it’s crazy and that I’m crazy for suggesting it. If I told them it’s also an RPG with bullet-heck mechanics, they would be amazed. All of this and more is everything that you get wrapped in a fancy bow with the 2015 indie hit UNDERTALE.

The game may not be the greatest when it comes to amazing graphics, but its story, mechanics, and characters make this masterpiece of videogames what it is. I first got the game this year, but I got into wanting it in 2017. When I finally got my hands on it, I played it (almost, some of the bosses are too hard) all the way through. If I were you, I wouldn’t sit on this one for too long like I did. Here’s my review of UNDERTALE.

(Not too bad but just in case you want to go in completely blind, I needed to put this here.)

The game opens with a cutscene depicting the game’s premise. Once many years ago, there were two species: Humans and Monsters. One day the Humans started and easily won a war against the Monsters, proceeding to seal them underground in a giant mountain with a magic seal. Many years later, in 201X, a human child falls down into the Underground. The game begins as we name the fallen child.

The controls are pretty okay, a usual grid control with added diagonal movement to spice things up. The protagonist first meets a flower with a face that introduces himself as Flowey. Flowey proceeds to explain how stats work. The stat LV stands for LOVE, a stat gained (according to him) through “friendliness pellets,” seed shaped bullets that the player can dodge or gather. Either way, Flowey betrays us, and we are saved by Toriel, a kind old goat-like lady who guides us through the Ruins, the tutorial of the game. Here we come to understand the core mechanics of the story. In Battle we have four options: FIGHTing, where we attack opponents, ACTing, where we find ways to befriend opponents, ITEMS, which do what you’d expect (equip weapons mid-battle and healing items as well as random other stuff), and MERCY, which lets us SPARE foes after ACTing. Throughout the game, the main character meets new faces, makes new enemies, and, eventually, faces their destiny. But in a corny, joke-filled story.

The best part about the game is the writing. The game is filled with interesting characters, useful items, and funny battles. There’s an entire area devoted to one of the artists, a room dedicated to the main developer (all of which is funny) and more. And when it needs to be sad, the game can lay it on thick. The final area of the game revolves around a story of what happened in the past and is one of the saddest moments in the game. But, in my opinion, humor takes center stage in one of the funniest games of all time.

There’s so much to talk about when it comes to UNDERTALE, but most people who played it, including me, say the game is best to go in blind, so don’t take my word for it. Experience the game as soon as possible. And don’t go online with it. Just don’t.