A poem — Something people aren’t always told.


Presley Gofta, Staff Writer

Presley Gofta is in her second year writing for WMS Press.  Below is her most recent poem.


Something people aren’t always told

Something people weren’t always told when we are young, is that there will be a day when they aren’t there anymore.  

There will be a day where you won’t speak to them any longer 

There will be a day where your bonds will grow stronger 

You get smart. 

You get strong.

You let others down. 

You let people go.

You find out who you are, 

But the hardest part isn’t figuring out who you are, 

It’s figuring out who they are. 

Its finding out if out of the millions of people in the world would they care to attend your funeral, 

And would they hurt you enough to where you wouldn’t attend theirs. 

It’s the fact that even if you fall apart, would you still listen to their pain

Would you still listen to their cries 

Would you listen, even if they lied. 

Would you help them when they have bad days? 

Would you still listen to what they have to say? 

Or would you sit there. And watch them go. Watch them from their personality and their life without you in it. 

you’ll take your last look at them one day. 

And that’s something people aren’t always told.