Clothing and Expectations: Men Who Dress in Feminine Ways

Harry Styles in Denver 2018.  Creative Commons  image from Lovclyhes.

Harry Styles in Denver 2018. Creative Commons image from Lovclyhes.

Brooklyn Gill, Staff Writer

In today’s society, men are stereotyped to wear “boy clothes.” Now, some people agree with this and some may not. The way to look at this issue is to think about how guys who dress feminine feel. They probably feel comfortable and like to express their feelings about their choice of clothing. 

Here are some recent examples of men who are challenging the stereotype of what men should wear:

Harry Styles 

Recently, Harry Styles was on a Vogue cover wearing a baby blue dress. Many people have a very strong opinion about this. Half of the people think it’s ruining 2020 even more and think we should “Bring Back Manly Men’.’ The other half is in love with it and think it’s the best thing to happen in 2020. Cadence Owens (who is a writer, but she’s most known for being involved in politics) says in a tweet “There is no society that can survive without strong men” targeting Harry. A lot of Harry’s fans, and everyone in general, thinks maybe this isn’t the smartest tweet. A lot of Harry’s fans have snapped back at Owens after she made this remark. Harry’s fans have made Tik Tocs, Instagram videos, and other forms of social media to get the word out that it is okay for men to dress however they want to.

Luke Hemmings       

Luke Hemmings is in an Australian band named “5 Seconds of Summer.” While they go on tour and do shows, Hemmings sometimes wears makeup all over his face or just wears some casual glitter with some silky clothes. Luke recently did a full face makeup look with help from his girlfriend (Sierra Deaton) during the quarantine. All of Luke’s fans were praising him, they were proud of who has become today.

Jaden Smith

Jaden Smith is open to wearing anything he wants. Jaden is always being spotted wearing skirts and sometimes even dresses. Jaden will also perform with skirts on. He notes it as a movement and tells other men that “It is okay to be comfortable in your own skin and wear whatever you want!” Jaden Smith has always been a trendsetter. Maybe we should all start and hop on this one.