Super Bowl LV Analysis and Recap

By Source, Fair use,

By Source, Fair use,

Amaya Labs, Staff Writer

This past Sunday, the Chiefs and the Buccaneers faced off in Super Bowl 55. Both teams played hard, but one had to come out on top. 

Quarter one 

After Brady fails to get far down field, Mahomes comes out. Everyone is expecting the defending champs to come out on top. Mahomes throws a few, and runs a few, but it doesn’t get them into the end zone. Butker comes out and kicks a field goal. The Chiefs go up 3-0. 

Brady is back on the field. He completes 3 passes and has Fournette run for the first down. Once he gets it, he finds Gronkowski in the end zone. The Bucs take the lead, 7-3. 

Neither teams score again this quarter. Both sides littered with dropped passes and failed plays. 

Quarter two 

With both of their best defensive guys out with an injury, the Chiefs were not playing at full power. In the second quarter, Brady and the Buccs made it downfield with only two runs. Brady throws the ball to Mike Evans. They get a 31-yard gain, leading them to the two-yard line. But, on the next pass, the Bucs fell scoreless with a few dropped catches. 

Mahomes and his offense come onto the field. Everyone expects an amazing run, maybe a 30-yard toss? Mahomes runs in for a touchdown? Instead, Mahomes fails to get much more than 14 yards. They bring out the punter and give the ball back to Brady. 

Brady and the offense start on the Kansas City 17. It was a quick drive, Brady quickly finding Gronkowski again. The Bucs lead the Chiefs 14-3. 

Mahomes comes back out, but it isn’t enough. The closest they get to the endzone is field goal territory. Butker kicks his second of the day, the Bucs still ahead 14-6. 

Brady is back on the field with little pressure on him. He works his way up to the one-yard line. An inside pass ups the score to 21-6, the Chiefs slowly falling behind. 

Quarter three 

After the halftime show, the Bucs and Chiefs come back on the field to finish the game. Mahomes comes on the field first. After an announcer, Tony Romo, talked him up, the fans were expecting something amazing. Sure enough, after gaining 44-yards, we were finally expecting a great Mahomes touchdown. But, no. Bucs linebacker, Lavonte David, breaks up a pass, forcing another field goal. At this point, we realized that Harrison Butker was really carrying the Chiefs. The Bucs lead 21-9. 

Brady comes back onto the field, hungry for a touchdown. With a pass to Fournette and then one to Gronkowski, the Bucs make it to the Kansas City 27. Another pass to Fournette leads to a touchdown, the score going up to 28-9. 

After an interception by Mahomes, Brady is back on the field. After a messed up snap, Brady loses 14 yards and is forced to kick a field goal. The score goes up to 31-9. 

Mahomes limps back onto the field for one more drive. After two successful throws to Hill and Watkins, Chiefs fans were excited for a touchdown. But, when Darrell Williams drops the pass, the momentum evaporates. 

The third quarter ends with the Bucs dominating 31-9.

Quarter four 

The fourth and final quarter. The Chiefs have realized that it’s probably over. Mahomes marches onto the field, but three consecutive hits from the Bucs offensive forces the ball out of his hands. 

Brady comes onto the field, his. After a few successful catches from his men, Brady is looking at another touchdown. But, an incomplete pass to Gronkowski causes it to end. The punter comes back out. 

After both quarterbacks fail to make it far downfield, the game is over. The Buccaneers get their second Super Bowl win!